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Pisa Stainless Steel Post Light (LA-PF042)
Decorative pole light 67cm for garden or footpath lighting.
nur 67.83 €
Recessed Ground Light Halogen LV Gargono (LB-16-NV)
Low voltage halogen in-ground fixture. Aluminium walk-over, size 15cm. Also for LED
nur 47.54 €
LED Lawn Light 107 LED -11 (LB-LD011)
Luminary with 107 LED blue, green or with colour changing. For recessed mount into ground, wall or ceiling.
nur 70.21 €
Street Light Pole 3m made in Turkey (LS-ZM103-ORT)
New galvanised steel lighting pole with small faults. Total length 315cm
nur 107.10 €
Power HID Flood Light MIG-S 250 W MH (R-LA-1222-SM)
Luminary for 250 watt metal halide lamp.
nur 199.92 €
HID Flood Light Worklight Marine 70W (R-LA-1270-S)
Operational flood light with a small crack on the bottom of the housing.
Energy saving metal halide lamp technology - as bright as 300w halogen light.
nur 111.86 €
Gas Station Canopy Light LED 120W IP65 (R-LI-D130)
Reduced item - one LED is not working due a transport accident. Floodlight for factory hall, building site, gas station, warehouse. Energy saving power LED 120 watt - as bright as 1000W halogen light.
nur 985.00 €
Recessed Louver Fixture T8 1 x 36W white (R-LI-L3002)
For false ceilings, with white steel sheet louvre, magnetic gear for flourescent lamp T8.
nur 66.64 €
Street Light Kelvin Alto 35W LPS 24V DC (R-LS-ALTOSOX35)
Extrem low energy consumption, operating voltage 24V DC battery, for LPS low pressure sodium lamp.
Samples for reduced price.
nur 410.55 €
PAR 56 Spot Light LED RGB (R-TA-1160)
Colour changing LED-Spotlight, controlled by DMX or sound.
nur 69.75 €
Outdoor Wall Fixture Classic Lantern (R-Wandleuchte2)
nur 53.81 €
Recessed Wall Fixture Outdoor (R-Wandleuchte6)
Wall light with rectangular white housing. Single piece !
nur 55.93 €
Flexilight Rope Light 9m SPECIAL ACTION (TA-2140)
One Light Rope free - together with the order of 3 energy saver lamps from the following models.
Very rigid snake-light for brillant, decorative light. In white, red, green.
Remainder items, quality proofed. No guarantee.
nur 23.21 €
Flexilight Rope Light Roll 45m clear white (TA-2145-K)
45 meters long. Extremely rigid type for brilliant light. Can be cut.
nur 142.80 €
DMX Light Controller JUNIOR 512 (TA-3065)
Small DMX controler with many functions. With memories and fade-times for 250 channels.
nur 1031.30 €
DJ-Switch 10-Way with Schuko (TA-3552)
10 channels with switch and flash buttons. Output via schuko sockets.
nur 110.67 €
Aluminium Truss Minilite 3 straight 3m (TR-163G300)
Triangle deco trussing, 3 meters span
nur 229.00 €
Ceramic Lamp Holder BY22d (Z-FASBY)
Robust lamp socket bayonet porcelain / surface mount base BY22 d for LPS SOX lamps.
nur 19.90 €
from 1000 Stk. only 11.66 €
from 500 Stk. only 15.95 €
from 100 Stk. only 18.92 €
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